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Jobboard Finder’s powerful comparison tool enables recruiters and jobseekers to compare up to 4 job boards on objective criteria.

Audience figures, product prices and number of job offers are examples of elements compared in our comparison tool.


Choose from hundreds of employment websites, write your job offers and pay online.

With our company Aktor Interactive, an international HR communications agency based in France, we make sure you get the lowest prices.

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Once your order is made, our customer service takes care of your request and posts your job ad on the selected media.

From your dashboard you can edit your job postings, view their status and chat with our customer engagement staff.

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Snapchat used to boost recruitment!

In one of our previous articles we had explained how Instagram was becoming one of the hot trends for recruiters to expand their hiring audience and target a group of people who would be suited to their company. Seeing as social media platforms are the number one reason millennials are asking for smart phones these days, businesses are now getting a hold on social network pages to boost their employer branding and social media is proving to be highly effective for successful recruitment campaigns. This new generation are using Snapchat to broadcast themselves and in a way to publicize their skills on the internet for others to notice, so recruiters should start to do the same... 

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How to recruit in Indonesia?

Indonesia is undergoing a shift in concentration of job sectors around the country; from agriculture and manual labour to the more successful technological and service sector. However Indonesia still has to deal with a high level of unemployment and strict laws limiting the hiring of internationals that mean the job sector is not as prosperous as it its neighbouring countries, for example Malaysia. Here at Jobboard Finder, we have put together this little snippet of advice for both job seekers and recruiters who are considering launching into the Indonesian market, so that their process runs as smoothly as possible... 

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The largest job board Search engine

Jobboard Finder is the world‘s largest job board search engine. It allows recruiters to identify the best recruitment media according to their e-recruitment strategy and job seekers to find the best job sites to search for work.

How to find the best job sites

Jobboard Finder gathers more than 1000 job websites in the world, all carefully selected. It’s very easy to make a research on the Jobboard Finder database. You can make a geographical research thanks to the map. You can also use our powerful search engine by selecting criteria or you can finally make a key word research. General information and reviews left by others users are accessible to everyone.

If you are a job board, you can register on Jobboard Finder without any costs. In order to be referenced, a job board has to provide information about its audience, positioning, prices etc...

If you are a recruiter, you can navigate through the job board directory, and find the most suitable job sites to your needs (specialty, location...). Then you have the option to purchase advertisement spaces on the selected job boards and post your job offers directly from your dashboard.

If you are a job seeker, you can search for the best job boards in your own country and abroad, on which you can look for new opportunities for your career.

A free account allows you to access to more detailed information to help you make the best choice: audience figures, geographic breakdown, CV database statistics, rates card, contact details… Advanced features are also available only when logged-on. For example, you can share your opinion about job boards you know or use the comparison tool to compare several job sites in a simple and effective manner. Our Job finder is your best tool in order to search a job.