What are the benefits of Jobboard Finder?

Jobboard Finder is the world’s largest job board directory and search engine designed to help recruiters, job boards and job seekers.

Recruiters: optimize your e-recruitment budget

Jobboard Finder is the perfect decision-making tool to set up an e-recruitment campaign. You can get access to accurate and comprehensive information about hundreds of employment websites. Traffic figures are provided by SimilarWeb, which ensures objectivity. The search engine and comparison tool help recruiters find the job boards that best suits their needs.

Once recruiters have decided what media they are interested in, they can buy job postings at discounted prices through Aktor Interactive, Jobboard Finder’s parent company.

Job boards: partner with the world’s largest job board directory and join hundreds of other job sites worldwide

If you join Jobboard Finder’s database, your job board will be available to recruiters and job seekers from all over the world.  It is free of charge to reference a job website in our directory, which represents a unique and cost-effective way for media to communicate about their online recruitment products on a worldwide scale. On each job site profile, a salesperson’s contact details are provided so that recruiters can request further information and get a quote.

Once a job board profile is complete, our team checks the information and data provided before publishing it. A published job website on Jobboard Finder is available to recruiters and job seekers all over the world.

Jobseekers: find the perfect job site for your own needs

There are several thousands of job sites all world wide, but do you even know the main job boards in your home country? With Jobboard Finder, you can get a clear overview of the online recruitment market. The search engine helps you find job sites by type or location.
Let's say you want to work abroad but you don’t know what job sites you should use to find a job. Jobboard Finder is here to help you access job boards in the specific country or industry you are aiming for.