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High qualified audience A highly qualified audience

Jobboard Finder gathers two types of users: recruiters and jobseekers. Both can browse through the website for free and find information about job sites from all over the world.

Complete and verified information Complete and verified information

Jobboard Finder sorted through over 3000 job boards to bring recruiters the best that offer a quality service. Job boards with incomplete profiles or vague descriptions are rejected, and the provided data (audience, number of job offers etc.) is checked. Jobboard Finder also has also access to traffic certification authorities such as OJD (France), IVW (Germany), ABC (UK), KIA Index (Sweden). Our commitment: giving everyone the opportunity to compare the main job sites on the market equally. In order to do so, Jobboard Finder relies on SimilarWeb, a global leader in digital measurement and analytics that provides audience figures from many job sites worldwide. A job board with traffic figures measured by SimilarWeb ensures more credibility for recruiters than a job board providing its own figures. Furthermore this enables a fair comparison between the job boards.

Consult updated information Updated information

Because content and features of online media are changing faster and faster, customers want updated and real-time information.
With Jobboard Finder, it is possible to access and edit your data whenever you want. The more complete and updated your profile is, the more attractive it will look to recruiters.