The Jobboard Finder Score helps you find the best job sites

Every job site is assigned a rating based on objective criteria to help you decide which job board is the right choice.

Browsing Jobboard Finder is an easy way to find and compare job portals. Should recruiters be in need of further advice to complete their job board research, feel free to contact our parent company, Aktor Interactive an HR & communications agency.

A score that highlights the best job sites

We believe it is our duty, as experts of the online recruitment market to share with you all of our knowledge , and even the most complex data. To give you even more support with your recruitment research we have scored each job board profile.

A rating out of 10 appears in the results page and at the top of each job board profile. The score is automatically attributed without human intervention.

What are our assessment criteria?

Our ranking system is based on 4 key criteria:

  • Certification: A certified audience is always a plus for a job site because it makes figures more legitimate. In case there is no certifier, we agreed that having traffic measured by SimilarWeb is still an asset. At Jobboard Finder we think certification is important and we want to encourage all job boards around the world to go through this procedure.
  • Completeness: For a job board to be published, they should fill out required fields in their profile such as rates and traffic figures. We also encourage job boards to complete the non-mandatory fields because it provides further details about products or marketing strategies that can be of use to recruiters. A good job site understands what recruiters need.
  • Updated profile: Updated job board profiles are always better for recruiters and jobseekers eager to access current traffic figures and rates.
  • Ranking: Each job board is compared to similar job boards and ranked accordingly. Given that a recruiter wants to know the ranking of a job board in its own market, and at a local scale, we defined a market as a coherent group of job boards within the same geographical area and specialty and ranked our job board partners according to the traffic figures provided by SimilarWeb, a global leader in digital measurement and analytics.

The scoring system is updated daily. If one of the above criteria has changed in the last 24h, the score is updated. A job board profile can get 10/10. If this is the case, whatever the cost, we assure you it is worth buying it!