Advertising job offers online

Where should I advertise my job offers online?

Selecting the right employment website for your job postings can be difficult. In order to do so, you should check the audience figures for each job board you are considering and make sure you can compare your favorite ones based on similar data. Because most job sites measure their own traffic using different methods and standards, assessing them can be overwhelming. Among other benefits provided by Jobboard Finder, you can get official and reliable statistics measured by SimilarWeb, the main international audience measurement organization, every time you review a job board profile. Generally speaking, be aware of the ratio between traffic and number of job offers. While job boards need a minimum number of job offers to attract candidates, too many job offers also means a more fragmented audience per ad which lowers its reach.

You should also pay close attention to your target audience. You may be interested in very specific profiles that may only be visiting niche job boards, in which case relevance of target audience becomes more important than volume. If you want to reach a qualified audience, you may also want to post your job advertisements on employment websites dedicated to specific regions or cities that are prominent and very attractive to candidates.

Why should I use Jobboard Finder for my job postings?

Since December 2015, Recruiters have been ordering job postings directly from their dashboard on Jobboard Finder. In practice , what that means is recruiters are not only able to browse through hundreds of job boards from over 160 different countries to compare and review them on our website, but they can also buy job advertisements for the employment websites they are interested in and manage their job postings from their dashboard.

As a recruiter, using Jobboard Finder for job posting is fast and easy. Among other benefits, you can be sure to get:

  • The lowest prices at our agency’s negotiated rates
  • multiple postings with only one order
  • A responsive customer service
  • Personal follow-up