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User-friendly environment of Acurera Job Board front-end provides job seekers with all necessary tools to become successfully employed in the best company. Acurera job board is a website which posts jobs supplied by employers. From a candidate’s perspective, it is a place to look for a job. From an employer’s perspective, it’s an advertising and publicity vehicle. Job seekers can now apply for jobs without leaving Facebook by visiting Just click on our Jobs Tab. Please note our Facebook receruitment application works only on laptop and desktop. However, you can still view our jobs via mobile or iPad by visiting Our employers will be pleasantly surprised when they see how easy it is to post jobs in our job board. Employers can also choose to receive applications by email or redirect applicants to a certain URL to complete the application process. Employers can create a company profile page where they can upload a logo, add a link to their website and post any other information to attract more applicants. Besides, such page will display all active jobs posted by this company.

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Acurera is a very attractive and clear to use job board for the UKjob market:

  • The design of the site is very easy to navigate and attractive 
  • On the homepage you can see a list of some featured companies that use this job board to post on 
  • There is also a list of recently published job offers
  • You can do a quick search from the homepage according to job category, city, state and country 
  • Or you can do a general search and then narrow down the results by using filters including categories and job type 
  • There is a clear date of publication on the job postings which means we can be sure that these job offers are regularly updated and recent 
  • This is a very clear and easy to use site that offers a range of job offers from different sectors and has a resume database for recruiters!

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Other information

Marketing activities

Social Media: 1) Facebook 2) Twitter 3) Linkedin

Social login

Do you frequently forget usernames and passwords? So, do our job seekers and employers. With our easy to use social login, our site visitors can login to our site using their LinkedIn accounts in a just a few clicks.

iPhone and Android apps

Make our job board available to our customers at their fingertips. We have installed a fully- branded iOS and Android apps and make job search and application process easy as never before.

Latest innovations

Acurera Job Board Facebook Recruiting Application is a modern recruitment tool that leverages the power of the most popular social network ever existed. The application allows us to create our own personally branded page on Facebook featuring jobs from our main job board. It automatically connects our job board with Facebook and dynamically displays jobs on our Facebook page. Anytime employers add, edit or remove the jobs our Facebook page is updated automatically. Job seekers search jobs on Facebook and when they are ready to apply they are sent directly to our main job board. The application provides user-friendly search module allowing to search jobs by keywords and location. Today’s recruitment world constantly develops and social recruitment is getting more and more popular gradually displacing traditional recruitment methods. A job board having a page on Facebook tends to evoke trust and appears to be professional and innovative. By establishing our strong presence on Facebook we reach a new level in social recruitment business switching from traditional recruitment methods to the latest technologies and following latest recruitment tendencies. We can significantly boost the popularity of our job board by using the application. The Facebook Recruiting Application allows our employers to reach the largest talent community and establish strong business relationships in the world of social recruitment. Application allows to reach candidates in the space where they spend most of their time. Job seekers can easily share interesting jobs by “liking’ them or sending them to their friends which adds value to our job board’s propagation. We will be able to attract job seekers by easy-to-use interface of the application and ability to search jobs not leaving the habitual environment of Facebook. Employers will are attracted by the possibility to advertise their jobs not only on our main job board but also on Facebook reaching the vast audience of talented specialists even for tough-to-fill positions.


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ZipRecruiter; Jobg8; Indeed; Job2Careers; Beyond



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