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RegionsJob connects 10 000 companies with 3,5 millions candidates. It is the reference for jobs and training online, assisting recruiters in their everyday HR tasks. With a unique geographical split, the RegionsJob websites ensure proximity, which facilitates meetings between candidates and recruiters. As a pioneer in applying web technologies to the job market, RegionsJob scans, decrypts and innovates, to provide useful solutions for successful recruiting.

Jobboard Finder’s opinion

Regionsjob has reached incredible success in France, a deserved reward for years of excellent work and perseverance.

  • With 8 regional websites, you can find job adverts in each specific area in France, which is great if you are looking for a position in a very small region
  • On the website, there is also a blog called Mode(s) d'Emploi which publishes  interesting articles every day regarding the employment industry, the job search, the job interview and other funny subjects
  • Unfortunately the site is only available in French, which makes it difficult for international non-French speakers to use
  • The layout and design is clear and easy to navigate
  • On the homepage, you can do a quick search using the list of regions, cities, job sectors, and positions 
  • Or you can do a general search and then narrow down your results by town, job sector, and level of qualification
  • There is a clear time scale on the job postings which tells you how long ago the adverts were published on the site; this is really helpful for job seekers as it means we can be sure that these offers are being regularly updated.

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Other information

Marketing activities

RegionsJob communicates towards French speaking candidates through: · Sponsoring · Online advertising · Partnership with job/student fairs · Search Engine Optimization

Latest innovations

The CV database is an essential sourcing tool for recruiters. Faster, more comfortable, and more accurate, it gives access to the relevant profiles at a glance. 100 000 people looking for a job upload their CVs every month.

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Media Partners

Facebook · France Inter · France Info · France Bleu · NRJ · La Banque Postale · Le Télégramme · Futura Sciences.

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